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Thermoplastic Elastomer

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Thermoplastic Elastomer

Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer
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Product Details:

Pack TypePlastic Bag
Pack Size25 Kg
Form AvailablePellet, Powder

We are offering Thermoplastic Elastomer to our clients.

Other Details
  • SEPTON(TM) is a series of high performance thermoplastic elastomers.
  • In terms of structure, SEPTON(TM) is a series of hydrogenated styrenic block copolymers (HSBC) with styrene based hard block & a di-ene based soft block, it exhibits rubber-like properties over a wide range of temperatures and hardness.
  • Prior to processing, the polystyrene end blocks are associated in rigid domains.
  • In the presence of heat and shear stresses such as during processing, the polystyrene domains soften and becomes flowable.
  • On cooling, the polystyrene domains returns to its original form and harden, locking the elastomeric network in place. This physical phenomenon provides SEPTON(TM), high tensile strength and elasticity.
  • SEPTON(TM) being a thermoplastic, is recyclable.

  • Excellent Mechanical Properties
  • Superior Heat Resistance
  • Good Weatherability
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Low Temperature Properties
  • Low Toxicity
  • Excellent Electrical Insulation Properties

  • Elastomeric Molding Compounds (Substitutes for PVC & Rubber)
  • Gels (Gel compounds for cushions, Gel pads etc.)
  • Adhesives (Hot Melt, Solution)
  • Sealant, Coating Material
  • Modifier for plastics such as Polyolefin, Styrenic Polymers.
  • Compatibilizer for Polymer Alloys.
  • Modifier for thermosetting resins.

  • SEP SEPTON 1000-Series 1001, 1020
  • SEPS SEPTON 2000-Series 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2063, 2104
  • SEEPS SEPTON 4000-Series 4033, 4044, 4055, 4077, 4099
  • SEBS SEPTON 8000-Series 8004, 8006, 8007, 8076, 8104
  • Special Grade SEPTON V-Series V9461 (Vulcanizable grade)

Application Details
  • Adhesive, Coatings & Sealants Tapes, Cold seal food packaging, Reactive adhesives, Industrial and construction adhesives, Clear adhesives
  • Gels Compounds for Gel padding, Gel cushions, Gel Grip Exerciser, Candles, etc.
  • Personal Care Products Soft grip for pen, Tooth brush, Feminine care products, Non-woven items etc.
  • Automotive Products Door weather strips, Roof and Body-side molding, Interior parts, Hoses, Bushings and gaskets etc.

SeptonTM Features

  • Using Kuraray's synthetic technologies, SEPTONTM is offered in a variety of grades, from low styrene content (soft) to high styrene content (rigid), and from low molecular weight (high flow) to high molecular weight (more rubber-like properties). Also, in terms of soft-block structure, there are three different types, SEPS, SEBS, and SEEPS.
  • Sok-block structure wise, SEBS is the most popular type among Hydrogenated Styrenic Block Copolymers, however, SEEPS, a special type developed by Kuraray's unique technology, has following advantages compared with SEBS1 Higher Tensile Strength 2 Better Oil Holding Properties 3 Smoother surface (less fish eye) 4 Higher affinity to Polyethylene 5 Better low temperature properties.
  • Compared with standard high-molecular-weight grades (SEPTON4055 and SEPTON8006), superhigh-molecular-weight grades (SEPTON4077 and SEPTON4099) show higher tensile strength as well as better compression set. Also, in making compounds, even low-molecular-weight process oil is usable for them to maintain moderate rubber-like properties, although high-molecular-weight process oil is recommendable for standard high-molecular-weight grades. Those advantages of super-high-molecular-weight grades become more obvious at higher temperature.
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Hybrar Styrenic Block Copolymer

Hybrar Styrenic Block Copolymer
  • Hybrar Styrenic Block Copolymer
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Product Details:

Pack Size25 Kg
Pack TypePlastic Bag

We are offering Hybrar Styrenic Block Copolymer to our clients.

Other Details:
  • HYBRARTM is a styrenic block copolymer having vinyl-polydiene soft block.
  • HYBRARTM is a series of thermoplastic rubbers which offers high vibration damping properties due to its glass transition temperature (Tg) near room temperature.
  • This allows HYBRARTM for use in damping applications that are not favorable with Kuraray’s SEPTONTM product series.
  • Both hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated grades of HYBRAR™ are available.
  • In addition to the superior vibration damping properties, hydrogenated grades also exhibit excellent miscibility with polypropylene, and may be used to produce blends with excellent transparency, flexibility and mechanical properties without the need for plasticizers while being friendlier to environment.
  • HYBRARTM can be processed in various forms including film, sheet, tube etc.
  • Similar to many rubbers, HYBRARTM can be vulcanized. Cured HYBRARTM foams exhibits low Compression Sets good elasticity.
  • It is commonly used in medical bags and tubing, sporting goods, automotive products, and construction.

  • High Vibration Damping Properties at Room Temperature
  • High Affinity to Polyolefins Styrenics.
  • Curable like Vulcanized Rubber.
  • Rubber like Elasticity.
  • Excellent transparency, Flexibility Mechanical Properties.
  • Excellent miscibility with Polypropylene (Hydrogenated Type).
  • Excellent Heat Weather Resistance (Hydrogenated Type).

  • Damping items (such as shoe sole etc.)
  • Sound deadening items.
  • Soft PVC replacement (Medical Bags etc.)
  • Oxygen barrier film (with high Mw grade)
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